Technical Skills

  • Java: Experience in creating PL/SQL integrated local applications with Java. Also used to create android applications.
  • C: Used as a stepping stone into other programming languages. Mostly used to create applications that require a faster computation time.
  • C#: Used in collaboration with Xamarin Forms to generate cross platform mobile applications.
  • TypeScript: Currently working with Angular & ReactJS for Microsoft Student Accelerator project. Working on fundamentals such as routing and API service.
  • PHP: Used to manage WordPress sites and in conjunction with JavaScript to implement Ajax methodologies.
  • SQL: Used PL/SQL with Java development and during university, where points of learning where, data warehousing and administrating databases. Have also used MongoDB & MySQL for AUT’s Research and Development Project with Deloitte New Zealand.
  • JavaScript: Worked with full stack JavaScript (MEAN Stack) as well as libraries such as jQuery & ReactJS for functionality design. Also used as a learning point for Ajax methodologies in conjunction with PHP.

My Work

After completing my Bachelors Degree, and before starting my Masters Degree, I interned at Spark New Zealand. I made an Inventory Management System that tracked stock between warehouses for Spark’s InHome Team. The Inventory Management System was programmed with PHP and using Sheets API, which allowed users to upload data into the system through Google Sheets.

Website made for No. 40 (Howick) Squadron using WordPress platform. Site used to submit various application forms, view notices and access resources. Using Facebook Graph API and Maps Embed API to provide features. MySQL used to manage users and form entries.

Site made as part of university assignment. The site was made from scratch using HTML/CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Also contains CSS animated background. Ajax methodologies used with XMLHttpRequest object to display client side messages with PHP running on backend in conjunction with MongoDB.

Site made using React + TypeScript web app framework. Calling REST API from OpenWeatherMap to obtain weather information based on location. Also using Material-UI library to obtain some of the icons. The site was pushed to a docker container and uploaded to Azure Web App platform for deployment.