Technical Skills

  • Penetration Testing: As part of my Master’s degree, I conducted automated penetration testing on 120 New Zealand based Content Management Systems, such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Vulnerabilities were discovered across various industries, including government entities, with .govt.nz and .mil.nz domain endings.
  • Java: Experience in creating database integrated desktop applications with Java. I have also used it in the past to create android applications, however I am now focusing on Kotlin.
  • C: Used as a stepping stone into other programming languages. Mostly used to create applications that require a faster computation time.
  • C#: Used in collaboration with Xamarin Forms to generate cross platform mobile applications.
  • JavaScript: Professional experience with fullstack JavaScript. As a Junior Developer at Catalyst IT, I am currently working with JavaScript libraries, such as ReactJS, to build the frontend for various clients and systems. I am also working with related technologies such as Babel, Redux and Webpack, with a Material Design approach.
  • SQL: I have used a wide range of databases, such as MySQL, Oracle RDBMS, PostgresSQL and MongoDB in a production enviroment. Also have some experience with PL/SQL for database administration.
  • PHP: Used to manage and create plugins for WordPress sites.
  • Digital Forensics: Educational experience with digital forensics tools such as EnCase, NetAnalysis and HstEx.

My Work

Please contact me for my professional work portfolio. Below are some of my public projects that I undertook as a volunteer and for personal learning.

Website made for No. 40 (Howick) Squadron using WordPress platform. Site used to submit various application forms, view notices and access resources. Using Facebook Graph API and Maps Embed API to provide features. MySQL used to manage users and form entries.

Site made using React + TypeScript framework. Calling REST API from OpenWeatherMap to obtain weather information based on location. Also using Material-UI library to obtain some of the components and icons. The site was pushed to a docker container and uploaded to Azure Web App platform for deployment.